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View the website of our parent ministry, LeroyWilliams.org, which was produced by Omnipresent Productions.  The site features ministry information, directions and maps to the churches, audio and video clips, purchasing information, and more.

Omnipresent Productions

This world class media production company specializes in developing web content, video, and albums.  They cater to ministries, Christian music artists, and media outlets in need of custom music. This link is an excellent resource for churches, ministries, or businesses looking to develop a web presence, or for Christian artist in the Midwest looking to create a top flight album produced by an excellent engineering and production staff.

Pastor Leroy Williams/Emmanuel House of Praise on Facebook

The Facebook page of Pastor Leroy Williams and the Emmanuel House of Praise Church


The official Myspace of Dewayne Williams

Dewayne Williams on Facebook

The Facebook page of Dewayne Williams

Leroy Williams on Facebook

The Facebook page of Pastor Leroy Williams

Emmanuel House of Praise Youtube Channel

The Youtube Channel of Pastor Leroy and Dewayne Williams, Omnipresent Productions, and the Emmanuel House of Praise Church

Latoya Williams Online

Latoya Williams Facebook

The official website and Facebook pages of Latoya Williams-Higgs



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Christian and gospel artists

Kirk Franklin The official website of Gospo Centric's brightest star.  Kirk Franklin has pushed gospel music to the next level, blending traditional gospel elements with hip hop, jazz and even Latin.  Kirk is a talented writer, musician, and rapper.  The artist rarely sings, but uses his powerful voice to speak uplifting passages over his anointed choirs and musicians.


Fred Hammond  The official website of one of Fred Hammond, one of gospel music's most talented spokesmen.  Formerly a member of Commissioned, Hammond specializes in "urban praise and worship"  Fred Hammond is an accomplished bassist, singer/songwriter, and gospel producer.


Mary-Mary Mary Mary is A duet of sanctified sisters.  The ladies use the wide appeal of hip hop and R&B to spread the gospel.


Be Be Winans The official website of the soulful singer with the famous name.  The Winans family has been a driving force in gospel music for decades.  With his sister by his side, Be Be was half of one of the most influential duets in gospel.  Today Be Be strikes out as a solo artist, dedicated to propagating gospel music with his own unique style.


James Cleveland Gospel Chorus   Website of this nationally recognized singing group headed by the famous James Cleveland

The Crabb Family The official website of this nationally known  southern gospel family

Our Favorite Lefty Links

Lefty Guitar Website dedicated to left-handed guitarists


Arni's Leftybass.com Wonderful website featuring left-handed bassists from around the world.


TD Jakes  The website of Bishop T.D. Jakes, pastor of The Potters House Church.  Jakes spreads the gospel through his television ministry, and by speaking at conferences across the country and around the world.  The web site includes a calendar, prayer room, and more.

Creflo Dollar Website of World Changers Ministries, headed by Pastor Creflo Dollar Jr.  Pastor Dollar's ministry focuses on tithing and financial empowerment.

TBN  Founded by Paul Crouch, the Trinity Broadcasting network spreads the gospel around the world through it's Radio and television network. The site offers   program schedules, a stations list, special events, contact details, and more.

Bishop Eddie Long  A beautiful website, for Bishop Eddie Long, head of New Birth Ministries.


Billy Graham  Website of the world renound evangelist.  Graham, the advisor for many presidents, has dedicated much of his adult life to preaching the gospel.


International Union of Gospel Missions   association of 250 gospel rescue missions and other Christian agencies.  The missions help the homeless, substance abusers, and "at risk" urban youth in inner cities worldwide.

Below is our own online reference to all things gospel.


Black Gospel Music Clef  Gospel music website, designed to support Black gospel artists and the black gospel music industry.


Gospel Music Association   Gospel website that offers information on the gospel community, gospel award shows and more.



Southern Gospel Music Online   Website for fans of southern gospel music.  provides information of southern gospel artists, southern gospel products, links to other southern gospel websites and much much more.


Negro Spirituals, Antique Gospel Music   Website dedicated to vintage black gospel music.  The site describes the history of the music, info on gospel artists, gospel songs and much more.


Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Museum   provides information and a timeline for gospel music.


Web Directory: American Gospel Music Directory   Web directory dedicated to American gospel.  The site provides info on a variety of gospel music groups, and even includes audio clips and a chat room.


Smith Gospel Music Communications   dedicated to spreading the Gospel by any means necessary.


Gospel Communications Network  Network  of online ministries, publications and links to Bible resources.


Hymns, Gospel Songs & Spirituals   This site features a comprehensive list of gospel hymns and spiritual songs.


Gospel Music Association  This website offers a great deal of information for gospel music lovers, including award shows and more.


Gospel and Our Culture Network  The network is made up of church leaders, theological educators, and denominational executives engaging the missionary encounter of the gospel with our culture.


Gospel for Asia Ministries   native missionaries planting thousands of churches in unreached areas.


 CrossDaily.com  has Awesome Christian Sites where you can vote   for this site & other great ones. Christian search engine, directory & voting index.  You'll find Bible, chat, churches, jobs, music, reviews, software, theology, & more. 


Christianlink.com  Directory of Christian oriented websites





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