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Based in the American heartland, far from New York or L.A., Leroy and Dewayne Williams have emerged as one of the most engaging and ingenious  groups in popular music.  Combining amazing musicianship with otherworldly vocal talent, they have single-handedly forever changed the playing field, and shattered all limitations previously placed on Christian artists.  Leroy and Dewayne Williams employ a revolutionary and controversial musical philosophy, pioneering the concept of "Artist as Minister".

"The lord has gifted me to operate as a Pastor/teacher, as well as a singer and songwriter.  While some ministers have a hard time seeing how songs can save or heal, reserving these expressions for traditional preaching, I see an inseparable bond between my ministry as a speaker, and my ministry as an artist.  Both means of expression require me to allow God to channel his message through me, when I am preparing a message and when I am writing a song. It is he that is the true messenger, and it is he that saves and heals; he reserves the authority to do either through whichever medium he chooses."           Pastor Leroy Williams

"Traditionally Gospel artists have viewed the music behind their songs as a vehicle on which their true message is carried, I've always viewed it as an integral part of the message, or as a means of communication within itself.  For me, as the great Victor Wooten states, music is a language in the same since that English is a language, it allows me to express concepts and ideas that I may not be articulate enough to express with words" Dewayne Williams   

Leroy Williams, the father, is the pastor of the Emmanuel House of Praise Church, and is a gifted preacher, teacher, songwriter, producer, vocalist and musician. Leroy began his musical journey in his high school's choir, discovering his tremendous gift. Williams won All State Honors and a scholarship to attend Three Rivers College where he was also the bassist for the school's Jazz Band. Williams won the school's fall festival event placing first.

Leroy Williams served as the bassist for the Christian Echoes Gospel Singers, and also formed his own band, The Holy Messengers, before working with his Family The Williams Singers; going on to record and produce with his son Dewayne. Leroy Williams served as the assistant pastor and musical/technical director of the True Believer's Church, under the leadership of his father Pastor Dr. Johnny Williams. He was called to his own pastorship, preaching in an established ministry for thirteen years, ultimately founding his own ministry, Emmanuel House of Praise Church, where he currently serves as senior pastor.

  Dewayne Williams the son combines the roles of artist and technician, and is a world class producer and engineer, as well as a songwriter, vocalist and musician. Dewayne began his musical journey around the age of six under the instruction of his father. As a seventh grader his was admitted to the newly formed eighth grade jazz band as the band's bassist, and played with his school's senior high band while still in Jr. High. Williams was awarded most outstanding jazz musician in Jr. High, and best musician of his senior class through the school's band program, while also being voted "most musical" by his senior class. Dewayne Williams began production of the Thank Him for the Rain project between eight and ninth grades, but a fire derailed the project, delaying completion until the summer of his senior year of high school.

Dewayne Williams also attended Three Rivers College as the jazz program's bassist, while also serving as the first chair french hornist. He attended and graduated from Arkansas State University, functioning as the jazz band's bassist, and the leader of the mellophone section in the program's marching band. Williams obtained a B.S. degree in Radio-Television, and functioned as both a policy advocate and a media specialist for a large 501c3, producing the organization's electronic and print media along with it's corporate video's and press releases. Along with his musical endeavors Dewayne serves as executive director of his ministry's 501c3, Emmanuel House of Praise Outreach Ministries Inc.

In 2003 Leroy and Dewayne Williams appeared in an internationally televised concert promoted jointly by Bishop T.D. Jakes, and southern gospel music icon Bill Gaither. They joined the stage with industry legends such as Mary-Mary, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, the Crabb Family, El Trio De Hoy, Cissie Houston (mother of Whitney Houston), Pop Winans, The Gaither Singers, Smokie Norful and many more.  The concert was dedicated as a tribute  to the musical, and ethnic diversity within our Christian brother hood.  In 2006 Leroy and Dewayne Williams where featured in a book written by John Engel entitled "Uncommon Sound, the Left Handed Guitar Players that Changed Music", along with Jimi Hendrix, Sir Paul McCartney, and many other great artists.

Concert promoters and musicians can click here to view Leroy and Dewayne Williams stage setup.

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